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I need a vacation!

Or at least it feels like I do. I feel like I don’t have time to breathe. It is not a bad thing because I am busy getting my art business out into the broad world and cease just being a regional artist.
That entails getting my own official site set up and working to make it look decent enough to be taken seriously by a potential client or agent. It also means setting up on line exhibits in other organizations’ galleries.

I had thought real world gallery hunting was hard. While it isn’t hard to find these on line galleries, sellers, and agents it seems to be this ceaseless drudgery of endless uploads and typing, typing, typing!
I don’t want to spread myself out too thin but I need to get as much exposure in as many galleries as I can handle
Also, to pick the right ones that have high traffic and the right kind of traffic- I.E. agents, galleries, serious collectors, and other businesses.

Hell, this is more time consuming than actually working on my art. Now I see why the better off artists have damned assistants. To handle all of this damned promotion.
I was never very comfortable with selling myself in the past since I was a very shy and extremely socially inept person for the most part. I made hermits look like social butterflies at times. I was constantly told I needed to have an ego to sell and not be so humble. Just not toot my own horn but to play the whole fricken orchestra!

My social life, both on and off the Internet has ceased to be for the most part. I am a driven person and I am not a very good multitasker. I tend to uber-focus on a project and have the attitude of “get it done now and right or don’t even bother working on it”.
That way of accomplishing things is both a blessing and a curse.
The only reason my Wife even sees as much of me as she does because she has been out of work ever since we got back from Illinois.
She heads back to the world of employ tomorrow and then I become a ghost in my own home. I virtually live in my studio. Either on this blasted contraption or at the easel. Though not nearly at the easel as much as I like or want to.

To add more stress on this situation we are planning a move, possibly if all goes well, back to Charleston SC. My hometown.

I am thrilled but also a wee bit stressed. Hmm..stress..expect to see that word in my posts a lot!

Don’t misunderstand though. It is all good stress but stress none the less. I have to tend to my paintings as well since I have another exhibit here locally. Luckily I am only under the time constraint of however long it is we will be living in Mobile.

Now to make things complete is to have my art sell more.
I have more plans to do this by getting a hold of local design agencies to offer my services so they can put nice, safe coordinating paintings in their clients’ offices and homes.

And here I always had thought I wouldn’t have to be selling myself as much while doing fine art as I did as a commercial artist.
Bleh…guess the only difference is I am now making interesting abstract shapes instead of designing catalogue layouts or labels on cans of peas.

For any interested to take a gander at some art and a few other things, I will put all relative sites here.

Home site:

Online galleries:

There will be repeated artwork of course but this will not always be the case and I only have so much on my hard drive at the moment.
…So…Amber got a new job as I said. Her previous employers fired her for the most uncompassionate thing I could think of. She had told them we’d be gone for about two weeks because her sister was dying and we need to help with the family aside from that as well. When she came back to work they tossed the old pink slip at her and gave the reason as “ you didn’t call enough”.
Guess she should had been more diligent as she watched her only sibling die…how selfish of her…right!?!?!

Shitheads..and to add lemon to the cut they gave the official reason of “Job abandonment” as to why she was let go.
Which pretty much screwed over her chance to even collect unemployment insurance.
It has been a very rough and tight month and a half.
Thankfully I had money coming in enough to pay bills and allow us to eat and have gas in the car.

I see it now though as a blessing in disguise. Her prior employers were hardly paying her a competitive salary and there were no avenues for advancement.
Now she is offered 3 dollars more an hour and that is just being a temp. If they hirer her permanently the bank account becomes even more thrilled.

I need a nap…oi

Pax ya’ll

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I went to your web site love the art work really nice! I don't think you should sell out to the commercial art world, I always felt like that would be like prostituting your artistic talent, ugh! Keep painting and promoting yourself I believe when the time is right and the right person notices your work you will become quite successful, hang in there and paint baby paint!

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