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Maybe the light at the end of that tunnel isn't a train this time!!
Upon a long talk with my wife as I was giver her legs a massage-her new job has her wearing steel toed boots and lots of stair walking- she told me maybe I should become a licensed Massage Therapist. So I thought, “ yeah, that may work..”

Since I have had much practice and not just with her, as well as learning anatomy in art college it may be ok- not to mention good paying jobs in interesting places.
There is a school for it not more than 3 miles away from where I live. So I filled out the small essay questions, took the tour, signed the application and got my financial paperwork under way.

All I am waiting for now is for my grants/loans to go through and to be officially admitted. Classes start later this month. It is a 7 and half-month course. The days are only 7 hours long with clinic work on Fridays and sometimes on Saturday mornings. They are a business as well.

I hope I get in. It will leave me time to keep a handle on my gallery business. It being on line for now it is not as much work as far as time goes. We have hopes of buying a house and finally moving away from here and away from sweltering, humid Summers AND these damned Hurricanes! After spending most of my life in the deep coastal south I am done and finished.

Our hopes are looking to the Pacific Northwest. Not only is it our kind of landscape and climate but also it fits our more liberal and artsy lifestyle and thinking.

We are Unitarian Universalists artists for God’s Sake!…

The Bible Belt isn’t exactly our cup of tea. Beautiful landscape, architecture and a rich history but it is all ruined by the horrid weather and more horrid political and social arena.
Wish me luck in getting into school as well as finding a well paying entry-level job afterwards!

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Hey there stranger! I think it's GREAT that you are going to school to become a massage therapist. That is one of the most healing arts that exists. I think you will do very well at this! I also know what you mean about the Bible Belt...geez Kris we must be on the same wavelength these days. God if I could get out of here myself!!

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