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Back from war and all is fine

Well how to start.

As some here may know I belong to the Society of Creative Anachronism. If you're not aware of what this group is it is a medieval reenactment group. If you want more info look it up at

We returned from last week's war. Gulf Wars XVII . It was held at King's Arrow Ranch. 26 Kings Highway, Lumberton, Mississippi (which in the "Known World" of the society the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann)

It is a week long event though me and my household went for Friday-Sunday due most of us having work commitments in the mundane world.
To say the least it was hard to acclimate when we got back late Sunday afternoon/early eve after spending 3 glorious days of living in the 13th century ( more or less).

Not *everyone* there lived in that century....since the society spans the time periods from the mid dark ages to the Tudor period.
But the majority of it all was high middle ages.

Camping,period food, period and women in heated combat to either protect or siege a fort in the pre Spring sun ( kinda hot though) takes you back to another world altogether.

Yeah, we are odd creatures to be Scadians :)

This is the 2nd war I have ever attended. The first was Fool's war waaaay back in the early nineties where I was thrust upon a battle field as a wet-behind-the-ears combat archer.
I wasn't on the tourney field this time but I have been "informed" by many warriors in our local group (Barony) that will change! Seems I am going to be a "stick jock" as we affectionately call our sword fighters.

We use rattan wrapped in duct tape and closed cell foam at the ends sometime to beat each other silly in very real ( and heavy) armor! fun!!!

Since most of those *convincing* me to fight are nobles and some royalty I am obliged to at least give it a try!.

Ah, returning to such a physical action and fighting at my age will be fun to say the least. Let's just hope my knees agree!

I mentioned earlier my household. For those that have no idea under the sun and moon what the hell I am talking about I will do my best to be concise about what that means.

As history shows, a collective group of people, whether by blood,same goals and oaths or all of the above had formal "households."

They were tight knit "families" that had a common goal. In the society that can be in the arts and sciences, warriors or just for the fun of hanging out together.
Those most serious about it end up having their own standard, or heraldry..colors..kinds of members they will allow in, rules,initiations..etc.

The one I am in is the one I started. We are small but have pretty good clout in the Barony ( Osprey).
Mostly because we are very pro active and assist with whatever the Barony and other society people need when and if we can.

The name of my household is Ars Peccare which is Latin for The Art of Sin..
We jokingly call ourselves an "arts and science" household. But I guess we really are. We are a house of the more shadier.roguish types. Very necessary positions back in the day....

After all, what would any noble or royal be without their fair share of spies, assassins, thieves, etc ??

Some of us are not so "obvious"; especially me since I am currently the only one who has been granted an Award of Arms- which means I am a lessor noble ( A Lord)

I am sure though, by all the activity we do and help and keen interest in the goings on within our local chapter, I won't be alone for long.

Me and my wife are the Patriarch and Matriarch. We have our Constable,Châtelaine, and other persons who hold various needs within the group.

Wow, I sound like a fanatic. Well, being in the SCA you either become fully ensconced or just play on the fringes...and that ends up not being as fun in the end.

I can manage to balance my schooling,work and this thus far and I love it. I don't have time to sit around twiddling my thumbs and possibly fall into states of depression as much as I did in the past.

I am on hiatus from schooling until June so it allows me to toss more time into this for a bit. The reasons I am on this 4 month break is a bit complicated but suffice it to say I was getting ill and had to back off a bit and get my head straight. I was going from making all A's on tests to B's and that was a sign of a downward spiral I was NOT looking forward to.

So I nipped that disaster in the bud!

I have a friend in Arizona who is working on a chain maile shirt for me and as I promised some people already I will declare that here as well. I will post pictures of myself in armor as soon as I have it to wear!
I guess I am done rambling for now....


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So, like,

The art of sin, in latin, reads a bit like ass picker.

Did you notice that?

ha! ok..well since (luckily) the r in Ars is prominent and Peccare is pronounced PECK-kari that won't be much of an issue.

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