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As Pink anybody out there?
Are there any of you who were friends of mine from the Vampire Chronicle rp forums still out there....connected to this account? I'd love to find some of you..hear from you again.

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Hello back! And I felt that..this place called to me. Just not you but others it seems. I am doing very well. I am here to scrounge and recycle old posts that will be relevant for a new blog ( my art site and another of fellow artists I am in with). If you'd like to see my life currently and things..IE work.. my facebook fanpage is The Black Tulip Studio and Gallery .
How are you doing??

(Deleted comment)
S'up? Not sure if you remember me from Immortalis or not, it's been years. Nice to see you here. Thanks for adding me back. How have you been? I read you live in New Orleans now. Cool :). I was there not too long ago for a visit, I go down just about every year. Usually around Halloween time. Kind of funny we could have ran into each other and not known it. Are you still painting/drawing? I always enjoyed your art on the forum.


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