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I have climbed back onto the Earth once more...
...after slipping off a few times.
My Gods, has it been that long since I wrote here?? For those who have commented to me ( mostly you L)..I am very, very sorry. I have no excuse- many reasons- but no excuse.

That aside....

Today was a lovely day after fickle climate changes that mostly brought about rain, cold and oh yes, more rain.
The sun shone and the temperature was mild. A cerulean sky domed me and my new puppy. He is a large, heavy breed. Black, wrinkled jowls and skin akin to a bulldog. We named him Caynd. That's Norse for "Bear".

I stretched out on the grass that encompasses a small greensward at the back of our apartment. The centipede was poked still with it's tan, dead blades. A few hints of green peeked out here and there- hoping Spring was really coming.

I drowsily watched Caynd munch on clover and roll in the lawn at vain attempts to free himself from his tether. Unfortunately he needs to be on one for two reasons. One. there is no fence and two, Mobile has a leash law they are very strict about.
It was then a very subtle yet profound sadness washed over me.

I mumbled something to the frolicking puppy about being on my own leash, although it was invisible.
How I ached so much- more then I think than other times- to not be in the city. In fact, not be anywhere near another living soul ( at least a few miles apart between neighbors).
Just Me, Amber and our animals.

The only sound I'd be greeted with would be the breeze in the leaves and birds. Not very original I know as far as descriptions go but I am really not trying to be original. Just honest.

I am about done with school. We are now into the medical side of the training. A lot more brain muscle is being used then other parts of the body. So far I am a 4.0 student.
Things for us financially are stable. We are staying where we are but at least we're not struggling up a mountain of marbles.
I guess I could go on and relate what has all happened in my life since last Summer. To be honest I don't think it really matters at this moment.
Perhaps, I will be extremely fortunate and come back into contact with the one I neglected without meaning to. L.


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Hey, color me surprised to see a post from you! I'm glad you are doing well and that things are running smoothly. ~T

That's a good color to be considering my eh..fickleness? ...Good to know you're still alive and kicking..:)

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